March 5, 2024 

Open Meeting 

The regular monthly board meeting of Soldier Township was called to order by Jerry Glasgow (Treasurer and Presiding Officer) on March 5, 2024, at 12:15 p.m. Others present were Mike Mathes (Clerk), Audree Guzman (Township Administrator), John Tipton (Road Superintendent), Chad Lady (Acting Fire Chief), and Laurie Moody (Bookkeeper)

Guests in attendance were – Lee Hendricks (legal counsel), Larkin Downing, Pat Gideon (Silver Lake Bank), Kelli Lambrecht (Silver Lake Bank), Sierra Tucker (Silver Lake Bank), and Jessica Porter

Member Glasgow made a motion to approve the minutes from the February 6, 2024 board meeting, the accounts payable report for February 7 through March 5, 2024, and the bank reconciliation reports for February, 2024, as presented. Member Mathes seconded the motion. Motion passed with a 2-0 vote. There were no amendments or additions to the agenda


  1. Banking Services – Motion was made by Member Mathes, seconded by Member 

Glasgow, to move all Township funds from CoreFirst Bank to Silver Lake Bank, and make Silver Lake Bank the official depository for the Township. Motion carried 2-0. 2. 312 Mill Purchase (with warranty) – Member Mathes made motion to purchase the Caterpillar 312 Mill för $232,995.00 with $100,000.00 downpayment (funds from Special Road Equipment Fund) and 36 monthly payments of $4,304.10 (budgeted Road Department funds) to Caterpillar Financial Services. A 48-month powertrain and hydraulic warranty will be provided through Foley Equipment. Motion was seconded by Member Glasgow. Motion carried 2-0

  1. Skid Steer Purchase Options We are currently leasing a T770 skid steer from White Star. Due to the lease expiring, the payoff purchase price is $39,724.27. The estimated value of the machine is $65,000.00. Motion was made by Member Mathes – 2nd by Member Glasgow — carried 2-0 
  2. Culvert Bids – Culvert pricing bids were presented from two companies. After brief 

discussion, Member Glasgow made motion to approve the purchase of culverts from ACE Irrigation for a total expenditure of $26,241.00. Motion was seconded by Member Mathes. Motion carried 2-0. 

  1. KanPay – Mrs. Guzman presented the possibility of discontinuing the use of PayPal to receive online payments for entrance permits and millings, and switching to KanPay. Following discussion, Member Mathes made a motion to switch to KanPay as our online payment processor. Motion was seconded by Member Glasgow. Motion carried 2-0. 
  2. Tires for Fire Department – Acting Chief Lady presented price quotes from three 

vendors for new tires for B-74. Member Mathes made the motion to approve the purchase of new tires from Performance Tire at the cost of $1,042.00. Member Glasgow seconded the motion. Motion carried 2-0. 

  1. Mower for Fire Station – Acting Chief Lady requested authorization to purchase a new mower for the Fire Department. He presented price quotes for similar mowers from different vendors. After discussion, Member Glasgow made a motion to approve the spending of up to $9,000.00 for the purchase of a mower for the Fire Department. Member Mathes seconded the motion. Motion carried 2-0. 
  2. Leave Bank Policy – for discussion only Mrs. Guzman introduced the possibility of 

the Township initiating a “Leave Bank Policy” for employees to have available in the event they need emergency leave and do not have enough leave accrued personally. No action was taken at this time. 

  1. Maternity and Paternity Leave Policy – for discussion only – Mrs. Guzman 

introduced the possibility of the Township amending the current maternity policy to include paternity leave as well. No action was taken at this time


  1. Fire Department Report Acting Chief Lady presented the Fire Report. As of 

February 27, the department had responded to 155 incidents. Computers, monitors, and a new copier have been received and installed. The station hosted several SCAFFA fire school classes in February. Parking lot lines have been painted. An introduction to the AMR auto air launch program was presented and explained. The department responded to a large grass fire which resulted in B-71 becoming stuck. During the recovery process, the truck sustained some damage but will be repaired by Hays Fire and Rescue, at no cost to the Township. 

  1. Road Department Report – Mr. Tipton presented the Road Report. The department responded to only one weather event in February. Tree and brush removal has begun along NW 35th Street, as well as street sweeping in numerous subdivisions. George Ghigliotty has obtained his license and has begun construction on the required sewer lagoon for the new maintenance building. It has passed the first round of compaction testing and soil samples have been submitted for analysis. 
  2. Administration Department Report presented by Audree Guzman, Administrator

This past month, she has regularly attended Shawnee County Commissioners meetings, has met with the County Commissioners and Township department heads, and met with Representative Kyle McNorton and Senator Kristen O’Shea. The fixed asset / insurance listings have been updated and she is in the process of updating the phone system with Giant Communications. Mrs. Guzman continues to work on streamlining AP and subscriptions to eliminate unnecessary expenses or duplicate accounts and is working with IT to repair cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Road Maintenance Building – groundbreaking is estimated to begin in the Spring, the funding has been finalized, and we are preparing Drawdown #1

New Fire Station We are still dealing with the creek issue, funding, and the engineering/design process 

State Forestry Grant we are ready for the final drawdown and will then close out

State Fire Marshall Grant we are ready for the final drawdown and will then close out. Financials current profit and loss report was presented showing overall total expenditures at 16.76% of the budgeted amounts for the year


  1. March 10th Beginning of Daylight Savings Time 
  2. March 30th Fire Department Annual Pancake Feed from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. at the 

Sunrise Optimist Building, 600 NW 50th Street, Topeka


The requested executive session to discuss a claim pursuant to AttorneyClient privilege matter exception was deemed unnecessary at this time

An executive session to discuss goal setting for an employee pursuant to the nonelected personnel matter exception was tabled until the next regular board meeting, scheduled for April 2, 2024

With no further business to come before the Board, Member Mathes made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Member Glasgow seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 1:21 p.m. 

Approved Minutes – signed – 3-5-24