The regular monthly meeting of the Soldier Township Board was called to order on December 6, 2022, at 12:15 p.m. Board members present were Karl McNorton (Trustee) and Jerry Glasgow (Treasurer). Also present were Bob Oliva (Township Business Administrator/Road Superintendent), Doug Schmitt (Fire Chief), John Tipton (Co-Road Superintendent), and Laurie Moody (Bookkeeper). 

Guests in attendance were – Lee Hendricks (legal counsel), Kenny Hartter (Senne Company) and Scott Day (Day Insurance) 

Member Glasgow made a motion to approve the check register, the bank account reconciliation reports, and the minutes from the November 2, 2022 Board meeting, as presented, with no additions or amendments. Member McNorton seconded the motion. Motion carried 2-0. 

Public comment and communication – There were no public comments or communication

General Mr. Oliva mentioned the receipt of the licenses to sell cereal malt beverages and commented to the fact that they were received after the 10day period which is allowed to respond to the licenses. 

The General Report was presented by Mr. Oliva. At 93% of the year being gone, the expenditures are at 85% of the budgetary allowances

Mr. Oliva introduced Scott Day from Day Insurance and invited him to speak to the Board about health insurance. After his presentation, Member Glasgow made motion to accept AETNA health insurance proposal. Motion was seconded by Member McNorton. Motion carried 2-0

Annual employee bonus recommendations for all nonsalaried employees were presented by Mr. Oliva. After review, Member McNorton made motion to approve the bonuses for both road and fire department non-salaried employees. Member Glasgow seconded the motion. Motion carried 2-0. 

Resolutions were presented for the annual transfer of funds from General, Road, and Fire to special funds. Member McNorton made a motion to adopt Resolutions 22-04, 22-05, 22-06, & 22-07 to transfer up to 25% of the total budget of General, Road, and Fire to the Special Highway Fund, Special Road Equipment Fund and Special Fire Equipment Fund. Member Glasgow seconded the motion. Motion carried 2-0. 

Fire – Chief Schmitt presented the written Fire Department Report. Expenditures are on track for the year. 

The annual awards banquet has been scheduled for February 24, 2023, at The Brownstone

Chief Schmitt is working closely with HME in an effort to help them provide the required water source and flow required for their insurance policy renewal

The Nurse Navigation project is being finalized and will be funded by ARPA from the County. Chief Schmitt requested approval from the Board to pay for the second half of the AEMT class that is being hosted by the Fire Department. Motion was made by Member Glasgow to pay the invoice for remaining amount of $9,636.00 for the AEMT class. Member McNorton seconded the motion. Motion carried 2-0. 

Road Mr. Tipton presented the road report. 

Mr. Oliva revisited the contract with Senne Company that had been presented at the Board meeting last month. After discussion, Member Glasgow made motion to accept the Design- Build contract with Senne Company for the construction of the new road department maintenance shop building, with a total budgetary estimate of $1,135,793.00 and an initial service fee payment of $72,111.00. Member McNorton seconded the motion. Motion carried 2- 0. 

Mr. Hendricks reported that he has been unable to obtain the legal descriptions for Soldier Township and Menoken Township from the County Clerk’s office. Mr. Oliva will contact Cook, Flatt & Strobel Engineers to request a bid from them to prepare a current survey for legal descriptions. 

With no further business to come before the Board, meeting adjourned at 1:12 p.m. 

The next monthly Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 3, 2023, at 12:15 p.m. 

Approved       see signed posting. Board Meeting Minutes – 12-6-22